The Program

“I wanted to get healthy before I had my daughter.
Donna’s 3 step process truly showed me how.” — Kimberly

After graduating with her Master’s in Holistic Nutrition, Donna realized that food was a missing link in her own fertility struggle. She was surprised that no one ever told her that what she ate directly affected her ability to conceive. 25 years have passed and still nutrition is seldom mentioned as an effective tool to get your body healthy and ready to conceive! You may not realize the foods you have eaten for decades greatly influence your conception power today. It is extremely important for the man and the woman to learn how to FEED YOUR SEED!™ If you are ready to fill your home with the wonderful sounds of your baby’s laughter apply here.

VIP 1 on 1 Mom Program

  1. Are you ready to fulfill your longing for a child of your own?
  2. Do you want the peace of mind that you are doing everything possible to get pregnant?
  3. Are you ready to hear the pitter-patter of little feet down the hallway?

If YES, this MOM program is for you! This effective 3-step process truly boosts your health and ignites your fertility! The combination of all 3 steps makes this process unique, powerful and successful. Most couples don’t even use one of these steps! But this program teaches you all three steps so you really add fuel to your fertility power!

“I was having trouble getting pregnant and her 3 step process really helped me clean up my diet.
I now have a healthy son!” — Eva

BENEFITS of being in the VIP MOM Program:

  • Moves you quickly into the Baby Success Lane
  • Super charges your health, libido and pregnancy potential
  • Provides power to switch ON your Fertility
  • Totally immerses you into the Sacred Foods
  • Turns your kitchen into a potential Baby Maker (giving new meaning to the phrase, “Let’s get cooking”!)


Donna hand selects each client in the VIP 1 on 1 Mom Program. If you understand that nutrition can boost your ability to conceive, carry and deliver a healthy baby, APPLY now for your Pregnancy Potential Strategy Session. Click here.