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Donna is known as The Goddess of Fertility. She loves sharing her extensive knowledge on how to IGNITE your health and BOOST fertility! She has a way of presenting nutritional information that is dynamic, interesting and exciting to her audience. The information she shares is relevant, pertinent and at times controversial as she breaks through many common nutritional myths. Some even call her the NUTRITION MYTH BUSTER!

One of Donna’s favorite saying is, “Nutrition is the foundation of our wellness, but is often overlooked when searching for fertility answers. Most people’s food choices are influenced by cleaver marketers working tirelessly to convince you that certain foods are healthy when they really are unhealthy”.

Donna loves encouraging woman and men to FEED THEIR SEED! It is important to get back to the basics in the kitchen and connect with REAL food! “Most young people today do not know the basics of cooking anymore. They think that zapping something in the microwave for a few minutes defines a “home-cooked” meal”, says Donna. Real food brings us real health leading to increased fertility!

Donna has shared her message with hundreds of people such as college students, women’s groups, young couples and couples experiencing infertility.

Topics include:

  • How to maximize your chances of conception
  • Common foods sabotaging your fertility
  • How to preserve your fertility in today’s toxic world
  • How to live a fertile lifestyle
  • How to cleanse for health and fertility
  • How to cook to boost health and fertility
  • How to eat to beat miscarriages
  • What first foods to feed your baby
  • What to eat to increase sperm count
  • How did our ancestors eat to stay healthy and fertile
  • Foods that boost the nutrition of your breast milk

Donna loves talking to young college students. “They are our future parents,” she says. “They must learn how to make better food choices to save and feed their seed.” With the increase in ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, SIDS, miscarriages, premature births and infertility this information is very powerful and empowering.

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