Proper Pregnancy Preparation (PPP) ARE YOU PREPARED?

Proper Pregnancy Preparation (PPP)  ARE YOU PREPARED?


Heart-Hands-FeetI love talking with my clients and prospective clients! I always learn from them and I know that they learn from me. One of the first steps I take with clients when they have applied for a Pregnancy Potential Strategy Session is to call them and have a “chat”. I love hearing “your” story and learning about “your” journey. Each journey is different yet has a common thread – the desperate desire for a baby!

What concerns me deeply is how couples truly do not understand the importance of preparing to conceive. Most of the time, the couple has been practicing some kind of birth control for about 20 years. These birth control techniques usually have some kind of risks. For example, the Birth Control Pill actually depletes you of critical nutrients needed for conception and a healthy pregnancy. So, when you decide you want to build your baby, your body will need time to build up these critical nutrients so that you can conceive. Even if you were using the Rhythm Method, you would still need to prepare your body before conception. Our ancestors understood this and acted accordingly. In fact, BOTH the man and woman would eat special fertility foods for at least 6 months and longer if possible. WHY? Because their goal wasn’t only to get pregnant, but to have healthy babies who would be healthy, contributing members of the tribe.

Today, over 30% of couples are considered infertile and half of babies born have one or more subtle birth defects. Unhealthy people don’t have healthy babies! I believe that every couple wants to have a beautiful, healthy baby – which is their birth RIGHT! In today’s toxic environment, it is a bit more challenging, but it is possible! That is part of what I offer to couples. I give them some tools to help them get healthy to get pregnant to have a healthy baby! Your lifestyle choices and the choices of your partner directly affect your health, but these choices are critical even before conception when it comes to your future baby’s health. Having a beautiful, healthy, happy baby doesn’t rely on the “roll of the dice”. Your baby-2- be is depending on both of you to prepare properly to offer it the opportunity to blossom into its full potential – body, mind and spirit. You see, after you have conceived and given birth, your baby’s body, mind and spirit have already been set in motion. What you do after conception and birth are very important factors, but pale in comparison to the actions taken BEFORE conception.

The key is for both prospective parents to invest in themselves; invest in their own health before conceiving. Some of the tools I use with clients is offering a detox and then strengthening their organs and glands to maximize their chances of conceiving and giving birth to a truly healthy baby. I had a female client a few years ago. She was 36 years old and had been diagnosed with PCOS. She and her husband had been trying for 2 years to conceive. She talked with me and wanted to begin The Sacred Foods of Fertility immediately. I talked with her deeper and she decided reluctantly to do a cleanse before doing the Sacred Foods program. She had never done a cleanse before, but she handled it beautifully. After the cleanse, we went right into the Sacred Foods of Fertility and behold, she was pregnant in 2 months! It was a little sooner than I thought, but her body opened up and was ready to conceive. April 2 is the second birthday for her lovely daughter. Who, by the way, is absolutely beautiful and healthy! This client truly believes that for her the cleanse was the trick, the key to opening up her body to health and offering a safe home for her baby. YOU do have some power and control; you are not a victim sitting helplessly on the side-lines of fertility.

There are other tools you can use to help you to naturally build up your innate fertility. Take charge of your fertility! Get prepared before conception. Let me help you maximize your pregnancy potential naturally and build your beautiful baby before conception.

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