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Since several hormones play key roles in fertility, I do offer specialized lab tests as follows:

  1. Complete thyroid testing (blood)
  2. Adrenal Stress Index (saliva)
  3. Complete Male & Female Hormone Panel (saliva)
  4. Food Sensitivity Testing (blood)

Please remember, your over all health and your fertility are tied together. Feeding your body with healthy foods also feeds your fertility. The body is very complicated with many hormonal feedback loops. These hormones must be playing together like a well-tuned orchestra directed by a competent maestro (the brain). There are really no secrets to health, just specific guidelines and principles. There are, however, lots of nutritional myths that I will reveal to you throughout your quest for fertility!

Please go to your Doctor to get the complete thyroid test, but you must ask specifically for this test. Most doctors will only test for TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). This is a good start, but not a complete picture of how your thyroid is functioning. Remember, men can have thyroid dysfunction, too, but it generally is a female problem. Through your Doctor, this can be covered by insurance. I have found that most doctors use blood testing for the sex hormone testing. If they do, please ask specifically if they are measuring FREE hormones. If not, ask for a saliva test. If they don’t provide this, then come to me for the testing. Also, most doctors don’t have the Adrenal test and have never even used one. Again, ask for it. If they don’t have it, then I will provide that for you. Food sensitivity testing may also be important as this can cause an inflammatory response throughout the entire body… including the reproductive system.

If I run these tests for you, it is NOT covered by insurance. However, the labs I work with charge very reasonably for their wonderful services. As a nutritionist, I have accounts with these labs. The lab kits are sent to your home where you complete, fill out forms, enclose check and send back to the lab. They will then analyze and send results back to me. I will then analyze the results and recommend a course of action to correct anything that is needed. I will charge for my expertise of the reading of the labs and my recommendations.

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