Meet Donna

Donna McIntoshDonna McIntosh, M.S.

Donna personally knows the pain of longing for a baby to hold and love. She and her husband went through many years of “trying” on their own, and then finally went to a “specialist”. Immediately they were on a fast track and needed to buckle up for an intensely rough ride. Donna underwent a laparoscopy, a HSG and 13 months of Clomid. She was prodded, poked, injected and intra-uterine inseminated eleven (11) times. Each month with a new hope for “their” baby. However, they never did conceive. She vividly remembers Christmas Eve, 1987, lying beside their beautifully lit tree and crying because she knew their journey to beat infertility was over. She and her husband had come to the end of the road. No more trying. No baby. Her husband held her and said something profound, although at the time, she couldn’t receive his words. He said, “Honey, perhaps God has something else for us . . . some other mission other than being parents. We just don’t know what it is”.

“It can be frightening, this yearning for a child – it’s hard to fathom the desperate urgency”. Wendy Wasserstein, award-winning playwright

Now, she knows what God had in mind. She knows her Purpose and Mission . . . she is here to help couples Maximize Their Pregnancy Potential by teaching them the Sacred Foods of Fertility. As a by-product she helps couples have very healthy, content and vibrant babies when they do conceive. Not to mention the boost in their own health!! Utilizing the tool of Nutrition was NEVER presented to her many years ago. And it is rarely presented today to couples struggling to conceive. Twenty-five years ago Donna thought her diet was good. However, since obtaining her Master’s in Holistic Nutrition, she now sees that she was terribly misinformed!

Donna has had an interest in nutrition for over 30 years. Even in college in the mid ‘70’s, she questioned the standard theories of nutrition. She still challenges the current theories of nutrition as Americans follow the Food Pyramid and continue to get heavier and sicker! She follows more Traditional Diets from our ancestors who truly understood the importance of nutrition and reproductive health.

“True health begins NOT in childhood, but in the mother’s womb”. Henry Bieler

Donna has a Master’s in Holistic Nutrition, a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, a minor in Physical Education and is a Certified Healing Foods Specialist. She also holds certificates in Functional Blood Chemistry, and Functional Endocrinology. She loves teaching individuals, small groups or speaking to large audiences about the myths of nutrition that may be blocking their ability to conceive and revealing the Sacred Foods of Fertility. She also shares her culinary skills by getting people back into the kitchen to learn HOW to prepare foods properly to increase their nutritional value! Our ancestors had an innate wisdom that was passed down from generation to generation. This “food wisdom” is what kept tribes, cultures and civilizations alive and healthy. Today, we are so far removed from our food sources that we have lost our way amid the grocery store isles that promise only to fill our bellies while robbing us of our health. Her motto: TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR FERTILITY. LEARN HOW TO FEED YOUR SEED™!

Donna is an active member of Arizona State University Alumni, Clayton College of Natural Health Alumni, Weston A. Price Foundation, GROWW, The American Pregnancy Association, San Diego Birthing Network and the National Association of Nutrition Professionals.