1. frustrated that you can’t get pregnant?
  2. wondering if there is something else you could be doing?
  3. tired of taking all the fertility drugs and still no baby?

“Donna has a way of making nutrition fun, relevant and interesting.” — Lanay

If you answered YES, then The Goddess of Fertility can help YOU! We share the ancient wisdom of The Sacred Foods to enhance your fertility and maximize your pregnancy potential! What you eat really does matter when it comes to your ability to conceive. Often times nutrition is the missing link… the link to fill your empty arms! The good news is nutrition is the ultimate investment with life-long benefits, is easy to implement and can be used with Assisted Reproductive Techniques!

“She has such a passion for traditional diets and cooking techniques.”   — Vicki

The benefits clients experience are:

  • Better functioning of the reproductive hormones to maximize pregnancy potential
  • Improved healthy egg and sperm production for conception potential
  • Increased possibility of realizing your dream of holding your healthy baby

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“Donna has a way of inspiring me to take better care of myself.”  — Don


  • determined and driven to get pregnant
  • who believe that food is an integral tool in health and fertility
  • open to learn new ideas about food selection and preparation
  • who understand a healthy baby is more than 10 fingers and toes

Other Testimonials

“I thought I was eating healthy, but boy was I mislead. I now have more energy and stamina.”  — Denise

“I have a new found love and connection with cooking again. It makes sense.”  — Barbara

“Donna’s knowledge of nutrition is extensive.”  — Shelley