This question is asked of me all the time whenever I speak at an event or when working with clients.  The answer is a resounding YES!  Seafood is actually one of the Sacred Foods of Fertility, but there are a few cautions.  Mercury is a concern when it comes to seafood.  So knowing what type of fish to choose is important, but by all means, include it in your meal plans!  Overall, fish is a health food like no other (unless you are allergic to it)! 

Traditional people eating their native diets, ate seafood often.  In fact, they traveled long ways to get to the shore or traveled long distances to trade with those who lived near the shore.  A study done in the Netherlands, found that just one serving of fish per week substantially reduced the incidence of coronary heart disease.  All ocean fish are great sources of macro and trace minerals especially iodine and zinc.  Most of the soil in the USA may be depleted of certain trace minerals, but every trace mineral we need exists in the oceans!  All seafood is rich in fat-soluble vitamins A and D.  These two vitamins are so important for our health on so many levels.  Mercury should be a worry when it comes to freshwater fish around industrial areas or from contaminated fresh waters.  So ones to be concerned about are cat fish, carp and other scavengers.  Shell fish can be a problem, but I always get wild caught and have it once per week (love shrimp and scallops)!  Shoreline fish such as sole and flounder, may be contaminated with PBC’s.  Salmon is an excellent choice as well as herring, sardines, whitefish, bluefish, trout and canned tuna (not albacore as it has more mercury).  Word of advice:  Farmed Salmon may be labeled Atlantic or Icelandic Wild Salmon may be labeled either Alaskan or Wild.  HINT:  always look at the expiration date!!  Best if cooked the day it is bought for freshness. 

Don’t be afraid of this wonderfully fertile food!  And don’t just have it when you go out to eat.  It is readily available in our markets and not difficult or time consuming to cook!  Try serving fish at least once a week at your house.

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